Mouthful of Stardust

Familiar souls,
old souls,
pieces of the same star
lusting for each other in the darkness.
Her lips,
fast awake on your skin
Faces melting
with the saliva that ties tongues together
and the heat of cheek against cheek.
Takes it, says she wants more.
How does she always look so young under your hand?
So breakable
and my god,
so beautiful.
The curves of her ass
in the light dimmed by a silk,
her sand colored skin
that damns you to hell
when you allow yourself to have a bite,
breaking the hard candy coating.
Her bubblegum sweat
feels so darling
“I love you.”
Hold steady, sweet child.
Hold tight.
Rise and fall,
head on chest.
Another world opens
and you see her with electric eyes
and she greets your open kiss
with a mouthful of stardust,
spilling through her seams
and your souls
merge closer
and closer
and closer
and you feel like you can’t live without her.
Your soul is hers.


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