Cigarette Kiss

There’s something about the taste of a cigarette
right before you light it up
You inhale its earthy flavor
as it sits between your lips.
Know it won’t taste as good
as the smell you smell right now.
A string of spit laughs as your lips part
releasing a mouthful of

It fills lungs
just as it fills the room.
Inhale the poison,
exhale the relief
as your body does a flip
for the cancerous toxins
keeping you alive.
Something about it

Makes you think of a time
when you fell
through air,
not knowing when your crumpled body
would smack the cement
and someone reached out to catch you.
They smelled of stale cigarettes
You could taste it on their kiss.

You grew to crave his presence,
body ached for his touch,
and his own smoke
became a death wish.
A habit you had to kick,
It could kill you
if you weren’t careful.

And cold turkey,
you quit.


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