Cosmic Lovers

I find myself slipping into a sleep

weighted and heavy

like the smoke that follows

an all engulfing fire

and the weight

it presses down on my chest

with forceful palms

and reaches through my body

picking me up

caressing my curled up form

and the light

is bright,


it stems from between my eyes

and soon the room is full

the white light and a purple haze,

it surrounds me and I feel its warmth,

like that of a tight hug from a lover.

And there is a sound,

a piercing song of high frequency,

filling my eardrums

why can’t I move?

I am stuck, frozen in my bed

but feel my soul drifting freely

into another dimension,

and I hear him whisper in my ear,

“My darling, somewhere

you are dancing with the

sun on your skin,

with sweat licking your upper lip,

go there, love.”

And so I let go

let her go to the place

where she tangles her hands with yours,

presses her lips to your cheek,

leaving behind a smudge of cherry red,

and she

pulls you close to her body and

dances to the rhythm of two

heartbeats in time with each other.


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