The Star

You meet a star and cling to your bravery.
clutch it tight to your chest and squeeze,
You can’t let it go.
The star can sense your fear.
It burns a hole right through your brain with it’s light.
Left with a mush of things you wish you would’ve said,
a soup of things you wanted to forget,
The star seduces what’s left of your mind,
making that star a thing you could never, ever forget.
You resist the glimmer,
Don’t look directly into it’s core
or you’re a goner.
The star sucks
smiles its sinister smile.

You dog.

You like the way it burns at the touch,
it makes you feel alive.
Washes your soul of the useless garbage that made you so numb.
You hate meeting stars that don’t burn you the way she does.

Sick in the head.

She asks your dead soul to calm her fire.
liking the taste of torture on your tongue.
It’s bitter, like the squares of chocolate
your grandma used to feed you.
Yet you relish in the taste,
cherish the way your tongue stings after she’s gone.

If you let it,
the star might kill you.


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