A Love Letter

how I want
to press my lips to yours
but I am not nearly

Sad and sorry to say
that I am the girl
who thinks you
are the color yellow
through a semi-spoiled space,
and the music shares your beauty.

And darling,
you really do have
an unusual spirit.
What makes it so dark?
Who is holding you to them
when I can’t?

I ask that
my own darkness doesn’t
make you bitter
or sad.
I couldn’t bear to see those
chocolate eyes of yours
watered down by the pain
of life that I feel.

Have you had my heart
on your mind?
It’s made me so blue,
Has me saying,
“Adore me,”
to men who aren’t you.

But I sold my soul
for you.
I am to dance,
body entwined with yours,
through eternity
and I wish I could
pick up the color yellow
and hold it between my palms
and push it right
into my chest.

Maybe then
I’d be a pretty green color
like that silk dress you bought me
once upon a time.

But I’m still blue and empty handed.


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