Love Letter: From Him

I wish you were here, as always, and that we could dance beneath this fantastic orange sky... Yes, that would be lovely. Oh and you would spin the stale heart inside my chest. I wish I could rip it out and just give it to you. Calm sailing, tonight my dear. I owe you an … Continue reading Love Letter: From Him


How To Get Through Life

Take a piece of yarn, blue, yellow, magenta, you have a choice here. Tie the yarn to the sun, not once, twice, or three times, but ten. With each sunrise, take one step toward the ocean. And as the sun sets, take a step back in the direction from which you came. Repeat every day. … Continue reading How To Get Through Life

Just Us

Two souls suspended in time carelessly weaving in and out of each others simple worlds. Wishing for a moment we were together Cant be. If the days were shorter, I could bear it but my brain won't hold still, hold still, and I don't feel whole, my soul stolen, lingering somewhere between me and you. … Continue reading Just Us