A Conversation I Want To Have

when did it happen?
tell me the exact moment
you knew
you didn’t
love me anymore.

was it when you woke
next to my small body
curled quietly
against you 
under soft goose down

my fingers
reaching for pieces
of you in the morning light,
did you realize then?

was it after you came
inside me,
emptying your troubles
into my womb,
leaving your pain to me
to handle

i laid in bed and retraced
your fingerprints
making a map of you
on my skin
hoping you would linger for
a moment longer than
you usually do.

was it as i laid down my
world for you
powerless, i sat at your feet
with packed bags
ready to follow
to do as i’m told

what are you running from

is it me?

do I scare you
with my affection
my appreciation
my appetite for sex?

do I intimidate you
with my knowledge
my hunger
my ambition for success?

just fucking tell me,
when did you know?


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