it found me with you

it’s simple really
this thing called
or so I tell myself

but it’s not so simple
when I’m curled
under the weight
of goose down
cheeks stinging
from the flow of

and there’s this thing
this punch in the stomach
type thing
that sits inside you
and pulls on everything
you’ve ever been afraid of

how hard it is
to just exist
to wake up every day
and push through the fear

but happiness is simple

in the midst of the fear
and the pain
and the worry
that nothing is right,
happiness finds me
with your lips against
my cheek
and hand twisted
through my hair

with your tight squeeze,
as if you’re
trying to keep
the madness from
breaking out of my ribcage,
(i feel so safe and infinite
in your arms)

because i know that
at least this is right,
that this will last,
that we are stronger


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