Sanity, Darling

My anchor is a marriage,
my husband tells me.
The very thing that keeps me
from floating away
into a dance of insanity
is his hand pulling me down.

Yet, so sour he tastes on my tongue,
so heavy his heart on mine,
his eyes, once made of sweet molasses,
now burn, two embers plucked
from a dying fire.

“Show that man you still have a spirit,”
But what I call spirit
he calls sickness,
a madness that’s taken over the mind.
Still, my soul smolders,
the fire never truly suffocated.

May I rise from the ashes to show him
that I’m a savior myself.
The only one I need.


For David, The Ghost That Lives in my Closet

it’s been a while
since i’ve felt this chill,
fingers tickling their way
up my spine,
a whisper in my ear.

it’s been a while
and i’ve┬ámissed it,
this feeling,
like feather on skin,
or a light kiss
on the neck.

where have you been?
why did you go?
i nearly lost my mind
without the sound of your voice
running through the empty halls
of my soul

just wrap me up and
tell me
everything I want to know